E-Commerce Websites in Today’s Business World

Both small and big business are today using ecommerce website to gain larger profits. An ecommerce site is the best platform to bring retailers, manufactures and clients at the same place. Such sites increase the shopping experience of customers and offer them more continence in comparison to other sites. As we all know, today’s buyers are getting addicted of online shopping. People are avoiding going out and buying products because they can do it from their homes. It is increasing business possibilities for small businesses and offering them a great chance taking quick progress. The best part in all is the ease of buying at home with a huge collection before you with extreme lesser overheads.

It is way of increasing sales

Every online business seeks the larger number of customers. Customer visit only those sites,which have a good user interface, good shopping tools, and better discount offers.

Regular Customer

Every online user loves to shop at a site, where maximum payment options are available because it will realize your customers the convenience of shopping.

No time Restriction

The ecommerce website offers 24-7 shopping facility, which is quite beneficial for the business owners.


Responsive Web Design

Content Management System is the heart of a professional website.

Without a good CMS or no CMS at all, you will have no way to manage content and keep your website updated in a simple and time efficient way and more importantly it may end up costing you more.

A CMS is a good, cost-effective way to build and maintain websites but success rests upon whether it is eagerly adopted by visitors of website.

Part of that success is ensuring that the CMS is user-friendly which will prove beneficial in regard to its long term investment.


Responsive Web Design And User Experience

To make the website look better and more adaptable, Responsive Web Design (RWD) is a great tactic to use. Looking a website at desktop may seem attractive but when the same website is displayed on mobile or tablet, it may destroy the layout and bogged down. The major reason is the lack of technology called RWD.

RWD is basically an improved concept of developing a website design which can be displayed with flexible layouts according to the user’s computer screen’s resolution. The term is absolutely different from traditional designing in term of both technical and creative issue. The main aim of Responsive Web Design is to provide and instinctive and rewarding experience for everyone.

Nowadays, the usage of internet on mobile phones or tablets is increasing at astronomical rates. One can rarely find a person who do not use internet on his/her mobile device. However, most of the websites are unfortunately not optimized according to the mobile devices. Using RWD clearly responds to the needs of the users and the devices.

It is a topnotch practice of creating a website suitable to work on every device such as mobile, tablet, desktop etc. This is the reason of the popularity of RWD as it brings the possible solution for the web’s inherent flexibility. To learn more about it, read the guide below:

Reasons Why RWD Is Advantageous

Improve User Experience

Responsive web design is highly malleable and provides a great convenience to the users to let them access the website on any device even from remote areas. It does not matter which device the user is using, the website will easily get fit into the format in a user friendly way. To make the viewing experience faster and engaging, responsive WebPages have the addition of vertical scrolls as opposed to horizontal scrolls.

Share The Similar URLs

The URL of the website does not vary with responsive web design and it will be the same on every device the site will be uploaded upon. Thus, it simply removes the stress of remembering multiple site addresses.

Recommended For SEO

A responsive web design is recommended by SEO to improve the website optimization process. In order to give the best and satisfying online viewing experience to their users, even search engines also favors responsive websites.

Increase Of Mobile Internet Users

Even if the website targets the desktop viewers, upgrading it with a responsive web design will increase your potential users who are looking for your services and products on mobile devices. Therefore, RWD is the key to please both desktop as well as mobile internet users.

Easier To Maintain

Responsive website design is absolutely easier to maintain as any changes made to one platform will automatically get updated on all the devices. So, changes made to the websites do not spoil the user experience at all.


Nowadays, more and more business are considering to upgrade their website with responsive web design as it is continuously laying down a new trend in the global business development. RWD is the key to visibility and responds to the preferences of the visitors clearly to encourage them to visit again and again.

User Experience

Nitin (Business Owner)

As the world is going mobile, multitude of devices such as smart phones, tablets etc. have been used by the users to surf the internet. Earlier, I used to experience messy and overcrowded WebPages while surfing on mobile devices/tablet. But since the advent of Responsive Websites, I am really enjoying having a good viewing and interactive experience of website. Now, accessing the internet from any device has been made easier and clear-cut. I do not even have to spend time to scroll down and zoom in or out to see the webpage in the mobile device. In fact, responsive website will actually let you forget that you are using your mobile to surf the internet. This is an amazing experience!

Rajeev (Student)

It is really difficult to interact with the website without being able to access the exact view of it. Earlier, I was just fed up of scrolling endless long chucks of text to read in my mobile due to the awkward layouts. But, few days back, I came across a responsive website which just made me spellbound. Responsive websites have immensely enhanced the user experience for most visitors. It helps me to access the website from my mobile device in such a smooth and intuitive way. It is definitely a great plan which has hugely enhanced the user experience and continuously attracting innumerable visitors.

Reena (House Wife)

Visiting a responsive website is really an amazing experience! I can access the needed information of the website from my mobile devices even smoother than using a desktop to do the same!

Subir (justbicycleaccessories.com)

Responsive Web Design is a great idea that creates a webpage that work seamlessly and suitably on all screen sizes or devices such as desktop, tablet, mobile devices etc. It is a helpful tool that simply adjusts the content of the website according to the screen size of the device. I have an excellent experience of responsive web design. It is true that mobile is taking over internet surfing and thus, the demand of mobile-friendly websites is increasing. So, I have realized there is no point of offering products and services online if the webpage is not compatible with the mobile device/tablet. Thus, I end up choosing a responsive website for my business to give an easy and clear access to my clients. It helps me to reach more clients and always stay ahead of the competition.


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Research has proven that “people connect more emotionally with images than they do with text” . In fact, customers are more likely to take action or make a decision when prompted with an image. That means brands using visual social media content to drive a stronger message to their audience will naturally cut through the noise and rise to the top. Here in Momentum Software, graphic designer teams can magnify the engagement with your audience that is proven as you can see with our clients’ improvements throughout the campaign.


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With a rich legacy of successfully partnering with leading retailers to deliver e-commerce sites that has helped them multiply their reach and revenue manifold, Momentum Software has truly been the vanguard of the e-commerce revolution in India. The success of any e-commerce website hinges on the overall experience of the consumer while shopping at the site. This could include factors like ease of searching, shopping cart, payment gateway and page loading among other features. Aesthetics also play a big role in overall impact a site has on a customer and how inclined is a customer to revisit the site for more purchases as well as to spread positive word of mouth.

The superlative team of specialist e-commerce designers and developers at Momentum Software ensure that they understand the client requirement in detail and undertake a detailed study of the target consumers before building a prototype of the site. This detailed analysis of the target consumers which includes studying buying behavior,demographics, intrinsic motivators, influencers etc is what sets Momentum Software apart from others. Momentum Software specializes in designing extremely user friendly, cost-effective e-commerce platforms with fast turnaround times. Satisfied clients who have benefited both in terms of bottom line and top line from Momentum Software ecommerce solutions include Simmi Ghai Expressions ,yatra.com to name a few. The bar has been set high by Momentum Software in terms of positive consumer experiences


Why Do Local Businesses Need A Website?

Nowadays, an online presence has become must for the local businesses. It is indeed true that 70 percent of the population is a prolific internet user due to having an easy access of internet connection. People are consistently using an internet for multiple products and services purchase.

A website is the first impression of the business. It simply gives a clear idea to your customers about what your business is all about. A website will make a business journey smooth and give entrepreneurs an opportunity to deliver their products and services to a wider market than just their local base.

Having a website is a Big Business opportunity that provides you an edge over more technophobic competitors. Thus, creating a functional and persuasive website will definitely help to grow your business to some extent. It gives your customers a convenient and the shortest path to your door. Some essential reasons for why your local businesses need a website are as follows:

Reasons For Why A Local Business Should Have An Online Presence (Website)

Benefit Of  Having 24/7 Access

Creating a website for your local business will give a chance to your customers to have 24/7 access to the information about your products and services. No matter whether it is 3 o’clock of late night or a holiday, the internet never closes. As a result, the business will remain open all the time without devoting any physical efforts. Having an online store would allow your customers to book their order for purchasing the products or services anytime of the day or night without getting restricted to the opening hours.

Fulfill The Customer Expectations

It is the age where people don’t just want to have an access of significant information but want it to be readily available to them. Most of the people research for the product and services online. A website for your business is an online shop-window that can be accessible to the customers all over the world. It simply allows the people to get up-to-date information with the help of images and fresh content you have contributed to the website. Therefore, a website will fulfill the customer expectations of having the most efficient path to have an instant gratification with all the access of essential information of the products quickly.

Enhances The Reputation And Appearance

An informational and well-designed website will definitely make your business to appear more professional and bigger. In fact, creating well- surmised and appealing website can force the customers to think that your business is actually larger than it even if you are having a small local physical store. So, an online presence with the attractive website would allow the entrepreneurs to enhance their business reputation as well as appearance to play safe with their established competitors.

Target New Market And Additional Customers

Crafting a website for your local business would allow you to increase the sales and sell more often to the existing customers providing them a complete gratification. Also, spreading your business in the new online market will make your business to become state, regional, national or even international if you are willing to ship the products.  Making an online presence to your business will let your local customers to have an advantage of shopping from your online store at their own convenience and terms. So, offering a complete convenience in purchase will definitely add more customers to your business.

In Conclusion

All in all, a professional looking website for your business will put a good impression on your business and help to build up a better relationship with your customers. It is a great online tool which helps to expand the business and let your customers reach 24 hours a day without any restricted time. Hence, it is clear in the above article that to get help in your business journey and to stay on par competitiveness in the business world, getting a website for your business is extremely essential!


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General Class Library which is consist of different general functions like making connection with database, sending Mail, creating record set, creating dataset etc.

Understanding client’s needs for providing satisfactory solution. We first analyze the requirement. If we find some missing points, the concerned person will have discussion with client and suggest him better option.

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What is Flat Design?

A flat design generally defined a three dimensional interface that can one can see one any website and recent trending smart phones. This is most widely used design chosen by highly creative website designers to design a website. User interface of flat design is free from beveled edges, gradient shadows as well as reflections. This is best known for its simple styling that looks good across various applications and gadgets.

In the past, web designers were involved into process of packing sites with flashy illustrations and animation. This was supposed to created faux- realistic and drop shadows outlook. The recent trend of flat design provides classic visual appeal to interface with minimal usage of flat colors, simple elements and typography. For digital interface this design to select to showcase true creativity to woe more and more visitors.

Interface design in flat shape is preferred best in terms of conveying information in appealing manner. It allows the browser or user to maximize or minimize the size in different devices. The design requires less images and less complicated coding in order to load fast without creating any friction. The best examples of this that can be found are Facebook, Google Now, etc, that have card like system to display information brackets.

Be it mobile phone or computer screen flat designs continue to evolve for letting us to judge our site or icon as how well they look.