Best Technology platforms for E-commerce Site

Surely, there are no universal features, technology and design options for any website, that will be elevated to the top throes of popularity but there are several general essentials and even desirable things which should not be ignored while creating this.
Obviously, It depends on what languages you’re most comfortable with and how you flushed out your requirements of your e-commerce site. But for E-commerce site the most common as well as cost effective are those using PHP and mysql.
You can build an online website using open source platform like Magento, Opencart & Woocommerce which is quite popular among the new developers.


Magento is a powerful open source content management system and it provides you easy customization and management of complex voucher systems. It has a mobile e-commerce support and also provides SEO friendly content management system.


Woocommerce is the most reliable ecommerce platform with its extraordinary modules and a great number of availability of themes. It is open-source and allow all sort of customization.


Opencart is best platform if you want to develop a simple website. Also Opencart plugins and themes are cheaper and more robust. Opencart has a guest feature available for the customers. The customers can simply enter the minimum amount of details required to process their orders.


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